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Hand Painted Kitchen Cabinets: Process

When looking to employ a painter and decorator to paint your cabinets it’s always advisable to see if they’ve carried out these works before or specifically specialise in this kind of painting. Yes most decorators will be able to able to paint kitchen cabinets but do they have the skillset and knowledge to achieve the best possible results for your kitchen. 

 Good decorators and also cabinet painters will often be booked well in advance so factor this in, as a company were often booked at least 2-3 months in advance sometimes double this, summer months and the run up to Christmas can often be very busy.

 We work on behalf of a few of the local based bespoke kitchen and cabinetry companies producing some very high end flawless finishes, however this requires a different approach to a refurbishment of a standard mass produced kitchen. 

 Below we set out how the process works for a kitchen refurbishment.

 From initial contact we will ask for some photos of your kitchen taking the photos from left to right showing all the cabinets to be painted also inside of any dresser units or glazed units which require painting inside of the carcass, as general rule of thumb we don’t price to paint inside of the carcasses. From these photos we’re able to give you an estimated cost to carry out the works, if the estimate is within your budget and you would like to move the project forward we make an appointment where we can view the kitchen, discuss your ideas in more detail and confirm the cost with a full quotation. When the quotation is accepted we ask for a 10% deposit to enter your project into the diary and a further 20% 24hrs before the works commence and the balance to be paid at the end of the works and you’re happy with the work.

We generally hand paint our kitchens but also have the ability to spray, many of the high end bespoke companies prefer the hand finished look as it softens the finish and doesn’t look so factory finished. To the untrained eye were able to produce a virtually brushstroke free finish. Another benefit of the hand finished approach is you’re able to use the kitchen at the beginning and end of each day, when spraying once we’ve masked up all the carcasses and areas not to spray it makes it difficult for you to use kitchen day to day whilst the work is carried out unless we factor in the cost of masking day to day.

On the first day we will set about protecting all the areas that are not to be painted, remove all handles and will thoroughly clean down the kitchen with a degreasing solution, rinse and allow to dry. We will then remove all the door and drawer fronts and number these so as we know where to put everything back and will place these in our drying rack. We will then use a combination of dustless sanders and sanding blocks / pads to rubdown all the surfaces to be painted keeping the dust to a minimum, this will be followed by hoovering down all the surfaces and using a tack cloth to remove any residue dust on the surfaces. The next process is to apply the first coat of primer and allow to dry, once dry we will then fill and caulk any damage, cracks and splits and rubdown once again, hoovering and tack clothing again ready for the second coat of primer. After the second coat of primer has dried we will then lightly rub down (de-nib) to remove any little bits that may of made their way onto the surface, hoover and tack cloth again and apply the first top coats and repeat for the second top coat always following the paint manufacturers drying times.

After the kitchen is completely painted we will then set about putting the kitchen back together, refitting all the doors and handles and check over the kitchen to make sure everything is as it should be. At this point we may isolate certain areas and touch in certain areas to make sure the kitchen is finished to the highest standard.

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“We recently had Prime Finish paint our basement lounge and are very happy with the outcome. They did an excellent, professional job and we were very impressed with how clean they left the room at end of every day. We would have no hesitation using them again.”
“We have just had a bedroom, toilet and bathroom redecorated and couldn’t me more happy with the quality of the work. Josh and Harvey shared the work on the first day but Harvey completed the job in another two days. The men worked quietly and diligently and left the house spotless at the end. We cannot praise their work enough.”

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