Spraying and HVLP/LVLP

Spraying and HVLP/LVLP

We’re now able to offer both Airless Spraying and HVLP/LVLP Spraying.

Airless Spray – Paint is pumped straight from large tub under high pressure through a hose and out of a small tip in the gun and onto the surface. Often used for larger areas such and walls and ceilings both internal and externally we’re able to get larger volumes of paint onto the surface quicker than conventional brush and roller although we tend to brush and roller the final coat onto the walls to make them easier to touch up in the future if the finish is damaged in any way.  Even with brush and rolling the final coats the level of finish is second to none. For site work with our systems, we’re able to get in, mist coat, 1st coat and finish ceilings in a matter of days before second fix speeding up the process and returning after the second fix to complete the works.


HVLP/LVLP – High Volume Low Pressure & Low Volume Low Pressure use a turbine or compressor to generate low pressures and atomise the paint at the spray gun with paint being feed either by gravity or suction cup attached to the gun. This type of spraying is more suited to smaller intricate work such as woodwork, furniture, spindles etc. We tend to use specialist trade paints that have been specifically designed to spray to give a flawless factory finish.

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